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Welcome to Thrills and Chills: Stefanowich Books

Stefanowich Books is owned and operated by Author Kara Stefanowich. Kara has loved writing since the very first day she was given a pencil. Writing was an outlet for her thoughts and ideas since language graced her. 

Kara was born in Massachusetts but was raised in Northern Maine. She moved a great deal of times in her life giving her the amazing opportunity to experience many different schools across Massachusetts and Maine including several private schools. In her travels and experiences she was able to enter her work into the Young Author's Award contest on 2 occasions. She won them both. 

Giving way to other students, Kara withdrew any further entries in the Young Authors Awards Contests and began sending bits and pieces of writings to random magazines getting her tiny foot in a great big door. After several pieces had been published she finally decided after a great deal of contemplation to write her first novel. 

When her masterpiece was finished, she crammed it under her mattress and forgot about it for many years. But one day after a long lonely winter had nearly consumed her, she discovered Twitter. At that, a new novel was born. Not only born, but published, too!

Read on and have a gander through this site and learn more about Kara and her books. And don't forget to check back from time to time to see what's coming soon!