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Meet Author Kara Stefanowich
Kara Stefanowich grew up the old country way. She walked 25 miles to school in 10 feet of fresh snow bare foot. Well, not really. But close. She grew up on a mountain in Northern Maine on a farm in a cabin with no electricity and no running water. Growing up the old fashioned way, with no TV and lots of work to do on the farms, her imagination ran wild.

Once she moved to the city she soon missed her roots and remembered the stories she'd thought of over the many years of her old country life. So she put paper to the type writer and began her first novel. After writing several novels and hiding them under her mattress she soon discovered Twitter! The magical and magnetic twitter fascinated her and gave her the tools and freedom to join minds with other great writers/thinkers. From there came the first of her published works, 'Birds of a Feather'.

"May the pen (or the keyboard) know no bounds!" ~Kara Stefanowich

'Birds of a Feather' was Kara's big debut. What began as an impromtu on Twitter turned into the first official #TwitterNovel shared with thousands of followers across the globe. It was finally published and released in December 2012. Shortly after, Kara published her second book called Creation of an Assassin: Shiloh's Redemption. This short story was the prequel to the famous #TwitterNovel, 'Birds of a Feather'. Now you can purchase her latest release, Hostage! Check it out on the Coming Soon and Books Page now!
Photo by Melissa Michaud
Honorable Mentions

"I don't mean to name drop but this is where I will be doing just that. Here you will find photo's, quotes and any other info I get that is contributed by others. Enjoy!" ~Kara Stefanowich