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Birds of a Feather : Paperback and ebook 

This is the very first official #TwitterNovel. This book was originally written entirely on Twitter between @karakazoo and @simonslives, then it was later polished and published by Kara Stefanowich. Soon to be on every e-bookshelf worldwide.

This sexy tail spin of murder, money and conspiracy gets blown to bits when Monty Wright and Shiloh Lashley are both hired by opposing Agencies to kill each other.

When the assassins finally meet the sparks fly, along with a hail of bullets which lead them straight into each others arms. But when their Agencies discover their affair, cities crumble and a barrage of car chases, explosions and gun fights stalk the lovers around the globe, from Berlin, Germany to Tijuana, Mexico. 

Even as their affair blossoms, the shock still grips the pair as there are secrets a plenty in the world of spies and contract killers.

Can their love withstand the smoke of gunfire, or will their secrets tear them apart and take their lives?
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Creation of an Assassin: Shiloh's Redemption: ebook only (short story)

Introducing the prequal to the world's first Twitter Novel, Birds of a Feather. This is the story behind the story. What made the cold, emotionless Shiloh decide to become the international assassin she is? Why did she give up everything for a life of murder and lonliness? 

In a tough, dog eat dog world, a girl does what she must to survive. And sometimes, she does what she's forced to do. In this short story you'll smile, you'll cry, you may even slam the book down in contempt.....but you'll pick it back up again. You will because you'll need to know......why.
Hostage: Paperback and ebook

After years of recluse, Ivy Stone, an angry heavy metal musician living in the dangerous city of Springfield, MA gets more than she bargains for in her search for band mates when she gets a gig at a violent night club and catches the attention of Hostage, a masochistic metal band with a blood lust and a front man who's mastery is in death and vengeance. 

Just when Ivy thinks her life had finally taken a turn for the better, she discovers the horrific secrets of her new band mates, but her discoveries didn't stop there. In finding the truth about her mysterious new crew, she also discovers a shocking and unknown truth about herself. As the dust settles, mysteries of times long past catch up to the present with demons, hell hounds, vampires and a powerful amount of witchcraft chasing close behind. When Alexander, a demon with his feet set firmly in both worlds of heaven and hell, targets Ivy yet again, as the key to ruling the world, the only way to save the universe from utter destruction and stop the raunchy murder of Ivy's soul is for Ivy to fall in love with the right monster and solve the longest waiting riddle of all times, how to kill whats already dead. In a dangerous adventure filled with rip tides of heavy metal, mind numbing sex, heart pounding terror and an eternity of re hot madness, Ivy and her eternal love, Kane, bull doze their way into your adrenal gland with unexpected twists around every corner in my new novel, 'Hostage'. 
TAG: Paperback and ebook

In the desolate farm town of Grand Isle, Maine, a darkness plagues the small town when women begin to go missing. Mysterious Tag Team serial killers, Blake and Cyrus, claim the area as their new stomping ground and no one would be safe.

But nothing ever goes as planned. The game becomes far more interesting than ever before when Blake begins an unhealthy obsession with his latest victim. The partners no longer see eye to eye when Blake no longer wants to play. Cyrus refuses to allow him to leave the morbid game and turns the tables against him. When faced with being framed for the crimes of his partner, Blake must find a way to save his own skin or be forced to participate in Cyrus's gruesome crusade. 

This poetic game of cat and mouse sends the entire state of Maine into a panic as murders reach an all time high and another innocent woman, the only surviving woman ever to have seen one of the killers and the target of Blake's unhealthy obsession, is now in protective custody. But no one is safe when the riddle maker opens his book and leaves clues to the latest victim for Blake to find before the police.

Blake loses his mind as he winds up stuck in the middle of the game that wont let go and the woman who's just out of reach all while dodging the one man who can destroy him forever. The man who has the woman he must get back.

Will Cyrus find her first? Will he make her part of the game? Will Blake be forced to clean up the mess or die fighting?