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About Thrills and Chills: Stefanowich Books
This page is to introduce you to Kara's style and genre's of choice.

Kara is dedicated to providing her readers with Thrills and Chills for many years to come. Her books are mostly, but not limited to, Horror and Thrillers. 

But Kara has many other books in the works in several other genres. Her latest publication is 'Hostage'. 'Hostage' is a Paranormal Romance that intertwines Vampires, Witches and Hell Hounds with Demons and Angels in a war that's 'out of this world'. 

Soon behind that will come a Suspenseful Thriller called 'TAG'. It's a twisted tale about tag team serial killers who no longer want to be partners.Soon the struggle turns ugly in a massive blood soaked crime spree that will shock you at least twice per chapter! 

Other books in the works will include: Biography, Non-Fiction, Fiction and Poetry.
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"I didn’t want to put this book down until I finished it. I didn’t want to finish it because I knew I’d want more. I was right. If you want to avoid spoilers, just stop reading now and buy this book.

Kara uses her wonderful talent to make you realize that things aren’t always what they appear to be. Kane’s not the first good-guy vampire we’ve met (Hello, Angel!), but his mission is pure, and his heart is true. His love? Everlasting. 

Kane fights through centuries to find his love, his soul. He’s closer now than he’s ever been. Can he save her in time? Will she come to see that his love for her is deeper than she can imagine? Will Alex again tear them apart? Or does love really conquer all?

Kara’s original style and love of writing takes you into another world just beneath our own. She shows you the darker side and balances it with the best the human spirit has to offer.

If you love paranormal, mystery, or love, you will truly enjoy this book." ~Christy Brown 
'Birds of a Feather'

"Love a good read. And I really love a good read that takes me away in an escape where I forget where I am. I loved this story and could picture each character crystal clear. But most of all, I want to 'be' that character. This story is so well written and it keeps you engaged. I cannot wait for more from this author." ~Patty Straub 
'Birds of a Feather'

"I read this book in one day, I could not put it down! It kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time. I would definitely recommend this book to everyone and am looking forward to the seeing a sequel!" ~Mshryver

Star Rating - 4

Del is single, set up on a date by her best friend. Unfortunately for Del, her date is one half of a serial killing tag team. Blake has had his sights set on Del long enough to know her daily routine, making her his next victim.

If there's one thing I love, its a story about a psychopath serial killer. Tag is a tense, nail biting edition to the wonderful world that is the fictional serial killer, and in this story, there's two for the price of one, two killers playing a messed up game of tag.

The story itself moves quickly enough to keep the reader engaged, intermittently introducing pieces to the puzzle that is the tag team. In fact, this is what interested me the most. There's a psychological background to explain how they came to be.

There's a connection between the serial killer team that isn't resolved until the very end of the novel, giving the reader the opportunity to guess as the story progresses. It's soon identified that Blake is the weaker of the two when he develops feelings for Del; feelings he's never experienced before.

Moving on to the most important element in this genre: the gruesome aftermath. Let's just say, I was huddled up on the couch in a tense ball of suspense, clutching my e-reader for dear life. Blake's tag team partner, Cyrus will leave you rattled to say the least. He's the perfect combination of crazy meets dedicated. He's crafty, and not in a good way - at least for his victims. (The next time I here a rattling cage, I'm likely to scream.)

Del is the perfect victim; timid and sweet enough to make it look easy when in actual fact, she was tough as guts. However I can't get past the fact that she broke the cardinal sin; the 'run away from the exit and into an enclosed space' horror movie cliché. That said, if Del had taken the safe option, the ending wouldn't have been nearly as intense, so all is forgiven.

Tag will leave you squeamish enough to want more. A recommended read for lovers of serial killer madness or suspense.